Second week of pre-departure training

Training continues and we’re into a good routine now. This week we got an opportunity to get on the ship early and install some new equipment. Back at the office there was also a presentation with a krill tank on display, and the new Hagglunds for Davis station parked out front. It was good to have a look inside these vehicles and appreciate just how different things need to be for the cold climate down south.

First week of pre-departure training

What a busy time in my life! Last week was all about moving my Melbourne things into storage and vacating the apartment, in preparation for this trip. This week was my flight down to Hobart and starting my new role as ITO.

The week so far

Monday was “Day 0” – flying in and getting setup at the hotel which I’ll be calling home for the next month. It’s a pretty nice 1 bedroom serviced apartment in Hobart CBD. Sweet! I also took a walk down to Salamanca Place as the Aurora Australis is in port at the moment getting ready for the summer season.

Tuesday I started at the Division. We got the expeditioner bus into work and the morning was briefings, meeting our training organisers, and the ICT staff here in Kingston. The most fun part of the day however was our kitting appointment, where we were issued all the survival, PPE, and trade clothing we need for our trip south. As you can imagine we tried on every piece of clothing to make sure it fit us well.

For the rest of the week I’ve been working with my fellow ITOs heading to the other continental stations of Casey and Davis. A lot of our time is attending to the Service Desk here in Kingston to become familiar with the Division’s systems. We also had a fair bit of classroom training of what the infrastructure is like and how the satellites connect to the stations and the ship. I’ve also been finalising paperwork, collected my staff ID, and consigned my personal items as cargo in the warehouse.

Now it’s time for a relaxing weekend off and enjoy the warm Hobart sunshine while I still can!

I’ll be working in Antarctica!

This week I officially received my contract. This has been a long time coming, and a very exciting moment in my life. It’s amazing to be getting such an amazing opportunity to visit such an incredible part of the world so few get to see – I’ll be working in Antarctica!

More details to follow, but this officially kicks off my travel blog. I’ll be detailing my travel adventures, and also give some insight on what it’s like to work in Antarctica as an IT Officer.